Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection

The Department for Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection has the aim to identify and find solutions for environmental problems with which communities are confronting, especially through the exploitation and maximization of technologic innovation potential, supporting, in this way, to help the development oriented towards the continuous improvement of people’ lives and their relations with the environment to be harmonious.



• Organizes daily activities in the departments and interns;
• Monitors and analyzes the opportunities for the NGO sector and for the department;
• Follows the launch of programs for the environmental protection sector and sustainable development;
• Analyzes the requests of financing proposals and fees forms of a request, in accordance with the understanding of each call.
• Develops/Writes projects in the field of environmental protection and sustainable development;
• Coordinates the implementation of projects which run in the department;
• Takes part in activities within CIOS regarding the implementation of the project (forecasts, monitoring of work procedure, communication with project partners and other institutions, takes part in workshops, work visits, public debates, public campaigns and activity reports)
• Initiate awareness campaigns for the population regarding environmental protection and sustainable development.
• Develops and studies articles, scientiphic papers and special theme reports on the research area chosen to be implemented;
• Promotes cooperation relations, partnerships on projects implemented by CIOS in collaboration with universities, centers, institutions, research units, similarly as national and international;
• Maintains and develops relationships with target groups, partners and relevant authorities
• Promotes and disseminates CIOS’ projects through organizing conferences, debates, round tables and publication of results on a national and international scene.

Our projects

Development of Cluster for Circular Economy and Organization’s Sustainability – CESCO

Circular Economy and Agri-food sector

The conference for a launch of cooperation in the field of Science and Technology in Bistrița – Năsăud county, Romania and Hunan Province and Chinese Republic.