Social Development and Community Sustainability

The main fields which present interest for this department are: social inclusion, socio-economic equality, tackling poverty, community development and education.


• Dissemination activities: conferences, media programs, CIOS magazine, etc.
• Mobilization of the community’s resources and their use in the needs identified by the community and, in this way, improving life quality.
• Active involvement of the community’s members in the change process, with an aim of “the community’s good”.
• Building partnerships through power structures and work with local leaders and community’s members in order to solve collective problems.
• Portal development, containing relevant information and free of charge advice offered to persons and organizations;
• Organization of seminars and conferences, work visits and other learning events or cooperation both domestically and abroad;
• Develops management activities and business partnerships with community organizations for their development, in conformity with a development strategy.
• Offers adequate information, discussions and feedback among different stakeholders involved in the project: community organizations, financers, project implementation team, initiative group;
• Prepares the financing propositions and makes reports regarding the activities deployed during the project.
• Takes part in the fund raising campaigns, communication and program assessment.

Our projects

Erasmus+ & social innovation project CIOS