• Dissemination of information through conferences, media programs and project development;
• Mobilization of community resources and the use of resources towards the identified needs of the community;
• The facilitation of an active involvement of the community’s members and of public authority;
• Generation of partnerships and collaboration with local leaders and members of the community for solving collective problems;
• Generarea unor parteneriate și colaborări cu lideri locali și membri ai comunității pentru rezolvarea problemelor colective;
• Development and maintenance of the IRCEM web site of and of the information points;
• Consolidation of the capacities and training of professional personnel;
• Creation of educational materials and tools;
• Exchange of good practices and knowledge;
• Mobilities for young people and adult training;
• Development based on the civil society
• Exchange of good practices with other continents;
• Trainings with neighbour EU countries.

Our projects

Innovation in business – B2B

Research and development (H2020), technology and cooperation in business – Circular economy and resources’ efficiency