Because global businesses confront themselves with new and complex challenges and opportunities, our approach is based on market research and business solutions having an aim to increase circularity in all fields, via our projects.

In order to fulfill its aim, IRCEM pursues the following objectives:

  • promotion of sustainable development and chances of equality;
  • promotion of a social economy
  • protection of the environment
  • protection and preservation of the cultural patrimony
  • support of human values and promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  • promotion of innovation, technology and know-how transfer through stimulation and strengthening of the liaison among the business environment through research and a technological point of view
  • promotion of the organizational culture, stimulation of the entrepreneurship spirit of team work competencies and of risk taking, of the preoccupation for quality, and for the increase of productivity and competitiveness;
  • improvement of the entrepreneurial/management competencies of the entrepreneurs, managers, and of their employees, of the entrepreneurs from large companies, in the view of initiating independent and innovative activities, development of the companies and creation of new jobs.

The Romanian Institute for Research in Circular Economy and Environment– IRCEM is constituted according to GO no. 26/2000 regarding the associations and foundations, with later modifications and completions. IRCEM is an active organization, involved in the initiatives launched at a local level for the development of the economic environment, social and nature based,  with increased attention accorded to young people as a resource of development for the community.