You can contribute to IRCEM’s success by financial support of our programs or capital building campaign (endowment) of our organization through donations online or through banking transfer or through 2% mechanism – download the 230 Form (for the income coming from salaries) or 200 Form (for income from other sources).

Reserve fund / the Institute’s capital
A major challenge on short and medium term for IRCEM is the financial sustainability problem.
Without insuring financial sustainability, the institute will find it hard to continue its activity at the present level, due to the fact that external donors have started to narrow their activity and, implicitly, the financial support for Central and Eastern Europe.
In order to be able to face these challenges, staring in 2012, IRCEM began the creation of a capital/reserve fund.

Donate through bank transfer!

The persons who want to donate a certain amount of money to IRCEM can do it through bank transfer or through deposit in the IRCEM’s banking account.
The account coordinates are:
Banca Comercială Română (BCR) – Sucursala Judeţeană Cluj
Beneficiary: IRCEM
RO48RNCB0106151234410001 (pentru donaţii în LEI)
RO21RNCB0106151234410002 (pentru donaţii în EUR)
RO91RNCB0106151234410003 (pentru donaţii în USD)

IRCEM is registered as a non-profit organization in Romania.

To donate by check, money transfer or electronic funds transfer, please contact:

Step 1

Complete 230 Form “Request regarding the destination of the sum representing up to 2% from the yearly tax on income” from the Fiscal Administration, as follows: Institutul Român pentru Economie Circulară “Ernest Lupan” cod fiscal: 30762068 cod IBAN: RO48RNCB0106151234410001 Don’t worry if you don’t know the amount 2% represents in the tax on income you own to the state. It will be calculated by the Fiscal Administration. You can leave the box empty.

Step 2

Submit it yourself or through the registered letter Form 230 to the Fiscal Administration from where your domicile is. Direct 2% of your tax on income. In conformity to the stipulations of art. 57 (4) from the Fiscal Code (Law 571/2003 with later modifications and completions), the physical persons have the possibility to direct 2% of their tax on income towards a nongovernmental organization (association or foundation). Practically, you indicate to the Romanian Authorities in which way you want 2% of your tax on income to be spent.
– It does not represent a supplementary cost for you. – Your income doesn’t diminish.
  • You do a good deed.
  • It doesn’t cost you anything.
  • You contribute to the improvement of the environment and to the development of the communities from Romania.
  • You contribute to the increased efficiency in the expense of public money coming from the tax you pay.
  • You contribute to the involvement of the financial-economic sector in solving the problems of environmental protection.
  • DON’T FORGET! The deadline is the 15th of May each year!
  • Thank you for your support!
  • You can download Form 230 here!
The redirecting modality is very simple:
– The company calculates the amount corresponding to 2% of the profit – The company makes a sponsorship program with the NGO that it wants to support, and the costs are deductible. This type of sponsorship does not suppose other supplementary costs and it does not affect the company’s net profit. The deadline for redirecting 20% of the tax on profit, but not more than 3‰ from the turnover is on the 31st of December each year.