Elena-Simina LAKATOS

Elena-Simina LAKATOS
President and executive director: Dr.ing.,ec. Elena-Simina LAKATOS
Nationality: Romanian
Current address: Romania
Language: Romanian (native) English (fluent) Italian (fluent)

Elena-Simina Lakatos is the President and Executive Director of Center for Innovation and Organization Sustainability starting with 2012. Simina has speciality knowledge in the technical and economical domain through specialisation in Business Administration (2007) at the Faculty of Business, University  „Babeş-Bolyai” in Materials and Environment Engineering, Technical University from Cluj-Napoca (2010) graduating with „Diploma of Honor”. She is a Doctor of Management and Inginery (2012) by realizing the thesis named „Approach corporate social responsibility through partnerships between businesses and NGO’s for company sustainability”, with a focus on IMMs and NGOs, PhD in co-tutelage between Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and Oulu University, Finland.
She is a founding member of IRCEM and is mandated to legally represent IRCEM since its inception in September 2012. In 2011, Simina joined the UTCN’s Department of Management and Economic Engineering and was mainly involved in the following areas of research and teaching: Strategic Management, Business Evaluation, Marketing and International Management, directions that help her develop IRCEM. Moreover, he has pursued a number of courses and specializations in areas such as leadership, communication and human resources. Simina also has experience and expertise in managing and managing projects.
Starting with 2014, she holds the position of Administrative and Financial Director at the Faculty of Machine Building, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania.